The first Great Outdoor Sub Shop began operations in December of 1973 in downtown Dallas. Being a New Jersey native, I brought with me the knowledge and drive to make a better sub than the one I was making in New Jersey at a local deli. My intention was to fill the authentic eastern style submarine sandwich void. I knew that if I made an authentic "New Jersey" sub, using the highest quality meats and cheeses on Fresh Baked Bread, I could not miss! Being passionate and striving for perfection and uniqueness, I added to my old standbys some newly created custom subs and various proprietary items such as custom formulated & shaped breads and oven-roasted fat free turkey. I felt compelled to serve the customer quickly, with a good value, in an honest "in front of the customer" style. I insisted on and hand-trained knowledgeable, pleasant associates to work in an organized fun atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, one might ask, "Where did the name Great Outdoors come from?" Two days before opening in 1973, seeing we were in the middle of Downtown Dallas with all the brick, concrete, metal & glass outside the store, I wanted to bring a little feel of the Outdoors inside to compensate and allow the customer to get away, hence "Great Outdoors". Each shop has its own special way of allowing the customer to feel a sense of escape to openness and nature based on creative interior design.

At present there are eight Great Outdoor Sub Shops throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

To further stabilize quality and consistency we created and operate "Earth Provisions, Inc", a company dedicated to procuring and distributing everything each store needs to serve its customers. This is a big plus for our Managers, Franchisees, and ultimately our Customers.

G.O. Franchise, Inc., our Franchising Company is dedicated to "Great Outdoors" growth.

For over 31 years we've been making great food consistently. We have fine-tuned and perfected our system which we believe has been emulated, studied and respected by our peers in the industry. A trail of positive, praiseworthy articles, reviews, and repeat customers follow in our wake. We were voted "Best Subs" in Dallas for six years in a row by readers of The Dallas Observer.

We're proud of what we've created and hope to expand the concept nationwide. In this day and age, everybody and everyplace needs a little "Great Outdoors".

Jerry Oliverie
President & CEO