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The Great Outdoors


"Every sub is a masterpiece and every customer a good friend"

The man behind the statement, Jerry Oliverie, decided to give up a Bio-Med Degree at Paterson State College back in 1971 when he took over a "Ma & Pa" sub shop in Morristown, NJ. He enjoyed serving great quality subs with a personal touch and so this established community sub shop with Jerry's passion grew substantially in sales. Jerry took his knowledge and talents to Texas and created his own concept, The Great Outdoors, and became an instant success. With over 35 years of hands on experience, successfully profitable company owned and franchised locations he welcomes interested entrepreneurs to share in the excellence. You can own a personally rewarding, high quality, unique franchise and create a future in a great place to eat and work.

We offer over 31 years of experience in site selection, layout & design, construction, equipment purchasing and installation, hiring & training, food prep and quality control, marketing & advertising and continued support. Along with this you get our 31 years of proven products, consistent quality, a complete system and the many customers who have eaten with us consistently over the years. We offer you a solid profit potential, and growth in protected territories. When you are awarded a "Great Outdoors Franchise", you will be getting the best sub shop franchise available, serving the best variety and quality subs in town!

We will teach you the necessary product knowledge and how the system works. You will need to be a people person with enthusiasm & energy to motivate your staff and create customer loyalty.




1. What type of Franchises are available?

Single unit Franchises on a restaurant by restaurant basis or a Development Agreement for more than one in a specified and defined area.

2. What is the initial Franchise fee?

$25,000 for one restaurant.

3. What does $25,000 get me?

A 10-year license to use the name, logo types, processes and recipes. Help and advice in all the necessary areas to eventuate an operating restaurant including:
• Site selection & Lease negotiation assistance
• Assistance with restaurant layout plan
• Management training
• Assistance with Grand Opening and continuing promotional planning and execution
• On location "Hands on" Franchisor support 2 days prior and continuing for 3 days after opening

4. How much money will I need to get my first restaurant open and doing business?

The cost will vary due to the actual location and building chosen as to remodeling costs, yet the parameters should fall within the $50,000 to $235,000 range (excluding the initial Franchise Fee). The lower cost of $50,000 would be realized if you can gain necessary financing based on your collateral and credit history. Leasehold improvements may be substantially covered through Landlord allowances. Equipment can be leased and the cost spread out over 2 to 5 years.

5. What is my net worth requirement for a Great Outdoors® Franchise?

$200,000 (including equity in personal residence) with $60,000 liquid capital.

6. Does The Great Outdoors¬ Franchise provide financing?

No, it does not. Franchisee must obtain financing however, we can provide referrals.

7. What type of locations are suitable for a Great Outdoors®?

Existing structures, easily convertible to a restaurant site. Optimum building size is 1700 - 1900 square feet, seating for 45 - 65, parking for 20 - 50 cars, capability to have a drive-thru by selecting a free standing building or an end cap in a strip center. (Example: gas station, mini drive-thru bank, small retail shop, or prior restaurant location).

8. Where will I purchase my equipment?

From your local equipment suppliers. We will make suggestion and set quality standards for equipment.

9. What is the royalty on gross sales?

Four (4) percent, paid monthly.

10. What about advertising?

Currently, you, the Franchisee, must spend two (2) percent of your gross sales on pre-approved, local advertising. Another one (1) percent will paid to The Great Outdoors¬ Franchise advertising fund. The total of three (3) percent may have varied distributions.

11. Can I find my own location?

Yes, it is your responsibility. We will help and must have final approval.

12. Do I receive training from G.O. Franchise, Inc.?

Yes. All Franchisees, owner/operators and/or their management, must attend and successfully complete the training program provided by the Company at a specified area location in Dallas, Texas. The cost of this initial training for two persons is included in your franchise fee; however, those costs connected with travel and lodging and management salaries, as well as additional trainee tuition, will be at your expense. The training program is eight weeks in duration and extensively covers hands-on training. Employees may attend the program as mutually agreed upon by yourself and the Company. Also included with The Great Outdoors¬ Franchise Training will be a review of all department functions including:
• Operations
• Quality Assurance
• Real Estate
• Architectural
• Construction
• Marketing
• Accounting

13. Do I receive assistance in opening my business?

Yes. In addition to your initial training period, a Company representative will work with you, at your expense, in your market prior to, as well as after opening. Our corporate office is available for assistance.

14. What form of continuing guidance will I receive?

First of all, you will receive on loan, the G.O. Franchise, Inc. manuals covering the many important facets of your business operation. As the manuals are updated, revisions will be made available to you. You will receive periodic bulletins containing useful management tips and information. You will also receive periodic visits by a representative who may consult with you and offer useful advice and counsel on advertising, promotions, training, communication, and any other business information you may require.

15. Do I get guidance on purchasing inventory and supplies?

Yes. Our Operations Department evaluates suppliers based on their ability to provide products that are equal to or exceed our specifications and high quality standards, in sufficient volume and lowest competitive prices, and then recommends these sources for your use. An approved products list is available in your manuals.

16. What supplies must be purchased from designated suppliers?

Bread, ice cream, roast beef, turkey, turkey pastrami, ham, and printed or embossed paper and plastic containers and supplies.

17. Who decides prices I will charge for menu items?

You do; however, we will provide you with guidance, which will give you pricing suggestions based upon our past experiences and information/knowledge we have gained over the years. We would like to keep all operators consistent as our customers will frequent us in different cities.

18. What is the term of my Franchise Agreement?

Ten (10) years initially, with an option to renew for ten (10) years.

19. How long will it take to open a Great Outdoors®?

60 - 120 days (many variables).

20. What's next for me to pursue and continue?

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